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rooth canalThere is nothing worse than discovering a toothache. You take a bite of your favorite food and WHAM! A shooting pain overwhelms your entire mouth and you can no longer look at your favorite food the same. Sadly, it’s time to visit the dentist.

But what exactly is a toothache and how did we end up in this kind of pain? Well, there are lots of different ways a toothache can occur. It can be as simple as a cracked tooth, cavities or exposed roots; but it can also be something more serious, like your ears or sinuses causing the issue.

When it comes to pain, each one of us has a different threshold of pain tolerance. Some can work through a headache, some are taken out at the first signs of one. Because both headaches and toothaches are detected by the same trigeminal nerve in your head, there is no real way to crack the case without the help of your dental professional.

In the end, it is important to pay attention to the signals your body gives you when something is wrong. Ignoring the pain will only lead to more problems, so make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as you find headaches or toothaches are persistent. There’s nothing to be afraid of. The technological advancements in dentistry makes dental procedures easy and virtually painless. This is why it’s so important to take care of your teeth. Good oral hygiene is the best line of defense against a toothache.

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Dental Trauma & What to Do | Snohomish, Wa Dentist

Many people associate visits to the dentist with routine cleaning and occasional cavities, and hopefully for many people regularly cleaning will minimize the necessity of major dental work. However, no matter how thoroughly a patient brushes and flosses, or how routinely they have professional cleaning, some patients will experience physical trauma that will require an unplanned visit to the dentist.

In the event of trauma – perhaps a fall, or a car accident – that causes damage to one or more teeth, the patient should immediately contact a dentist. There are a number of different possible problems, and each of them have different treatments that are necessary. Here are a few possible problems, and their typical solutions:

– A chipped or fractured tooth will likely be corrected with either a tooth-colored filling or a cap or crown. If the inner pulp is exposed, a root canal and crown is likely required.

– A dislodged tooth that is pushed sideways or upward into the gum will generally require a root canal, and a dentist or endodontist will focus on stabilizing the tooth.

– A tooth that has been knocked out of its socket completely may be able to be saved if a patient arrives at the dentist in time, and the tooth is handled properly. The tooth root should not be touched, and it should be kept moist (either in the socket, in milk, or in the gum against your cheek). Rapid treatment is vital to saving the tooth, so the patient should get to a dentist immediately.

While some trauma is treatable, it’s occasionally true that the tooth may be lost due to the nature of the damage. After the initial treatment, your dentist or endodontist will likely recommend follow-up visits for quite some time – potentially as long as 4 or 5 years – to ensure that your mouth is coping with the damage to your teeth. If you feel a chip or crack, even if you believe it is minor, be sure to visit your dentist to ensure that the tooth is healthy and you’re not jeopardizing the tooth root by failing to treat the chip properly.

If you’ve experienced trauma, and have broken, chipped, dislodged, or knocked out a tooth, please contact our office immediately to schedule an appointment. Time is of the essence, and delaying an office visit may jeopardize your teeth.

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