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As we say goodbye to summer and welcome in autumn, we have to adjust ourselves to the chillier weather and new back-to-school schedules. It is a great time to visit the dentist for a quick checkup. Thankfully, many of the issues that may be discovered during your checkup can be fixed by a simple dental crown. Here are the more common reasons:

It’s football season – if you have a player in your brood, there is a chance a dental injury may arise. Undergoing a dental crown procedure can improve the look of broken or missing teeth because they look extremely natural. Because you will not be able to tell the difference from your crowns and natural teeth, so school pictures won’t be affected.

For those of you who are consistent coffee drinkers, dental crowns are perfect because they are stain-resistant because dental crowns are made from porcelain, a material that is not prone to discoloration. Not only will your smile improve, but you can drink that second cup.

Due to the durable materials used for your dental crowns, they can last up to 15 years. With dental crowns, patients can go about their daily routines without constantly worrying about their dental crowns falling out of place.

Dental crowns are restorative and preventive measures that improve missing or damaged teeth. Dental crowns also drastically decrease the amount of bacteria build-up that can lead to the loss of more teeth. If you are embarrassed of your missing or damaged teeth, dental crowns are the perfect solution to build your confidence!

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